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Where is Manouche?

Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro’ flagship outlet is located next to Spinola Park, on triq Mikiel Ang Borg in Spinola, St Julian’s. Our other outlets are located in Sliema, Bay Street and Valletta. Further information on each outlet can be found on the Contact Us page.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for talented people who can ultimately put smiles on our customers’ faces. If you would like us to get to know you, please send us your CV to info@manouche.com.mt.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Please visit our shop now button on the landing page of our website for all necessary information.

I'm getting married/throwing a party/planning an event. Can I come in for a consultation?

Absolutely! Contact us via Facebook messenger or on 77149072 and we’ll take it from there.

Do you cater for guests with allergies?

Yes we do but please always ask to speak to someone before placing your order if you have any doubts or require clarification on anything.

Do you have parking facilities at your Manouche outlets?

Yes we do. We offer the following to help facilitate parking when visiting our outlets:

Spinola: 1 hour free when spending €10.00 per table and 2 hours free when spending €20.00 or more per table at CT Car Park within Spinola Park.
Bay Street: 2 hours free at Bay Street Shopping Complex Parking on any amount spent.

Does every Manouche outlet have the same Menu?

Each outlet has a slightly different menu but most of our signature dishes can be found in all our outlets. Please go to the Menu tab on our landing page to access the menus for each outlet.

Do you serve Afternoon Tea?

Yes! Our afternoon tea menu can be found under the Menu tab on our landing page, as part of our Spinola outlet.

Should I refrigerate Manouche's breads and baked products?

Our products have no added preservatives. Because of this, most have a shelf life of approximately 3 days. Refrigeration tends to dry out baked goods, which is why we recommend enjoying our products within 2 days of purchase. However, if you need to store your Manouche products you should store them in a cool place away from heat and sunlight. If you are not going to be eating your Manouche products within 2 days, you should freeze them upon purchase to keep them fresh.

What is sourdough?

Sourdough is a simple mixture of flour and water. It’s made by the naturally occurring interaction of Lactobacillus bacteria and airborne wild yeasts. These microorganisms ferment the flour water mixture, making it “sour” and creating air bubbles that make the dough rise.

Why use sourdough instead of commercial yeast?

It’s better for your body. The symbiotic interaction of Lactobacillus bacteria and wild yeast in sourdough breaks down more proteins and phytic acids than regular yeast. This fermentation process allows our bodies to better absorb the whole grain’s minerals. It also lowers the whole grain bread’s glycaemic index. The acids created by the sourdough cultures provide a natural preservative resulting in a soft, moist, and truly artisanal tasting loaf of bread.