About Us

Manouche – a melody of Maltese passion
and exceptional French baking.

At Manouche, we spend every day working to bring back the simple, uncompromised art of French techniques, cleverly sourced ingredients and passion for our craft. When you step into Manouche, you are entering a modern recreation of the traditional French bakeries and bistros. The bakery and bistro support each other, with the bakery’s organic speciality breads and pastries featuring in the bistro’s seasonal menu.

Our Story

Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro cell brings the finesse of classical French cooking while retaining a flair and passion for local ingredients and culinary traditions. Inspired by the eclectic ‘Manouche’ style of jazz from which our bakery takes its name, and based on the bouchons and esteemed cafes of Lyon to the bistros of Paris, Manouche is a homage to rustic, traditional old-world bakeries and bistros. Those with an authentic love of food will find music in every dish we serve.

Our Philosophy

Manouche is a product of expertise and passion, an ode to the esteemed cafes of Paris and Lyon, and the excellence of rustic French cuisine. Our guiding principle is to recreate the typical French patisserie here in Malta and instill a local feeling through the rich flavours of seasonal produce.

As Maltese locals, we want to bring out the best in traditional dishes by using a combination of the skills we have acquired both locally and overseas. With the support of local farmers and quality suppliers we’re determined to bring the finest pastries and meal choices to the island.

What is Manouche?

As the name suggests, the French influence seeps into other aspects of the restaurant as well. The patisserie and bistro seek to immerse visitors in the Parisian atmosphere through almost every sense from the wafting aroma of fresh-baked bread, to the eclectic music and detailed decor. Manouche takes its name from ‘Gypsy jazz’ which originated on the streets of Paris in the 1930s. Those with an authentic love of food will find music in every dish we serve.